Medshare Helps to Bring Hope and Healing to Nepal

IMG 2128 150x150 Medshare Helps to Bring Hope and Healing to Nepal

by Perla Lovejoy, RN

MedShare is an exceptionally well designed, committed and successful non profit organization which gathers, organizes and makes available tons of medical supplies and equipment to help improve the health of many underserved communities.  By educating health care facilities on how to redirect items that are normally thrown away or end up in the landfill, a large amount of supplies are available for hospitals and clinics serving the poor both domestically and internationally.  Items can be locally picked up or shipped via containers to 100s of locations.

This enormous inventory is lovingly sorted, repacked and stored at one of the local warehouses by small armies of devoted volunteers who spend hours making sure that everything goes to the correct area or box so it can be used in places where all of this material saves lives and improves outcomes.

Last Tuesday Dr. Paula Dhanda and I took a trip to the San Leandro facility where we were met by Shannon Kuehnel, Programs Coordinator who has an encyclopedic knowledge of where specific items are located and if she doesn’t know, she can direct you to the person who has the information.  In a short time we had many of the items we were looking for, most especially some of the needed components for a LigaSure unit which had recently been donated to Worldwide Healing Hands.  Shannon weighed our filled box and for a small amount of money, many critical supplies will be available for the upcoming trip to Nepal.  We were able to drop off supplies that where available from our inventory but were not of use to us.  It was a good trade.

MedShare is a great example of kindness in action. The atmosphere is warm and the feeling of doing good everyday is palpable in the building. There is such a strong commitment to save and use items we don’t want in our health care facilities, that indeed many people around the world are healthier and in better condition that would have been otherwise.

Perla Lovejoy, RN is the Materials Manager for Worldwide Healing Hands

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