Giving is Beautiful!

nathandehart silentimages 9064mail 150x150 Giving is Beautiful!

Saving mothers and their babies.

WOW!  We are getting orders from all over for these beautiful scarves and bracelets. If you are looking for an extra special gift you have found it.  This is the gift that keeps giving to the women of the world. 100% of the profits benefit the women and babies on our next mission.

Worldwide Healing Hands is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare for women and children in the most underserved areas of the world.

IMG 2141 300x194 Giving is Beautiful!

Colorful scarves from Nepal


IMG 2143 300x182 Giving is Beautiful!

Beautiful silk scarves from India

photo 300x224 Giving is Beautiful!

One of a kind bracelets made by my children.

IMG 0057 Version 2 274x300 Giving is Beautiful!

A wonderful spa treatment

Final logo 300x211 Giving is Beautiful!

Skin care products for all your needs


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