Hike 4 Healing Sponsors

IMG 0360 150x150 Hike 4 Healing Sponsors

Amber Warner Photo credit Nathan DeHart

Our first annual Hike 4 Healing was a great success thanks to all our wonderful sponsors and supporters.  We raised $9,168 for our mission to Sierra Leone!!  This money will save the lives of many mothers as we will use it to train local doctors and midwives.  This makes our work sustainable.

We had a great hike on Saturday! Tom Nixon and the docents made the hike very special with their interesting historical facts and stories.  They allowed us to climb the tower at the top of Mt. Konocti for a spectacular view of Lake County.

A special thank you to Peter Windrem who was instrumental in making this event possible by working with the county to resolve all the legal roadblocks.

We appreciate Scott and Kami from the Kelseyville Fire Department keeping watch over us and making sure everyone made it off the mountain safely.

Thank you Nathan DeHart for taking all the wonderful photos.  Visit http://nathandehart.zenfolio.com/hike4healing to look at and purchase photos from the event. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Arthur Bikangaga, MD
Linda Cornett
Jan & Bruce McKinney
David Santos – St. Helena Hospital Clearlake
Wayne Scheidemann, MD
Sieg & Deedrian Taylor
John Weeks, MD

Parinaz Azari, MD
Dr.’s Keith & Elyse Donald
Barbara Flynn – The Brick Oven
John Hodgkin, MD
Catherine Moizeau, MD
Margaret Walker

IMG 0356 620x413 Hike 4 Healing Sponsors

Photo credit Nathan DeHart

Mary Heare Amodio
Emalene Anderson
Andrea Bollakis
W. Bradley Electric
Roni Brown
Evelyn Carlon
Hali Croner
Joseph Destein
Martha Echols
Emilene Fearn
Green Key Commercial
Christine Hansom
Tina Hittenberger
Pamela Illian
Lynn Imm
Thomas Isaak
Melissa Kinsel
Bruce Kurnow
Peggy Landini
Bridget Mackay
Mary Ann McQueen
Anthy O’Brien
Diane Pege, MD
Petaluma Coffee & Tea
Stephen Pollaine
Geraldine Reisen
Diane Remoundakis
Jane McKnight Renner
Marc Shapiro, MD
Linda Sheppard
Gretchen Singer
Karen Spurgeon
Guy Strohmeier
Amber Warner
Scott Welker, MD

IMG 0359 620x413 Hike 4 Healing Sponsors

Lynnette Bertelli, Kathleen Spencer-Ahart, Sally Jean Fistler
Photo credit Nathan DeHart


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