Hooray for storage!

IMG 20140219 111552 634 150x150 Hooray for storage! Worldwide Healing Hands has been gratefully accepting many donated medical supplies and other items which are useful on medical missions however storage had started to become issue and also before a trip sorting and packing supplies stored in many different buildings added to the time spent. The need for adequate, centralized space became a priority and once again a local business came through for us.

TnT offered us a perfect space in a secure storage location. It’s ample, spotlessly clean and will keep our supplies clean, dry, safe and very importantly, all in one place. We depend on the kindness of individuals and organizations to be able to be of services in places where much of the medical interventions that are common to us, are a veritable miracles to others.

Once more a generous business in Lake County offered us the perfect solution to our quandary and contributed to our goals and purpose for service. In these somewhat uncertain times, it’s remarkable to see how kindness multiplies.

Thank you TnT Mini Storage

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