Innovative Surgical Technology will be used in Nepal

IMG 0938 150x150 Innovative Surgical Technology will be used in NepalNowhere in medicine are global disparities more striking than in surgery. The upcoming medical mission to Nepal for Dr. Dhanda and her team of volunteers through Worldwide Healing Hands is now enhanced with the generous donation of a Valleylab LigaSure™ unit which has proven useful in decreasing operative time and decreasing blood loss during surgery. The device is very portable and will provide the advantage of improving surgical outcomes due to its innovative technology.

This kind donation was provided by Sutter Novato Community Hospital thanks to the generosity of Brian Alexander, CEO and the diligent assistance of Dennis O’Leary, RN Director of Surgery and Emergency Services and the tireless Margaret Walker, Chief Development Officer. Dennis and Margaret made sure that the unit was available to pick up during our little jaunt to the Bay Area and graciously offered us a tour of the facility.

Sutter Novato Community Hospital is a very attractive and welcoming hospital, where dedicated professionals can serve the nearby community with the necessary medical services. After they found out that this particular LigaSure™ was working well but no longer in use, they made sure that it would travel to Nepal to continue its valuable service to the people of Ilam and the Himalayan Healthcare sponsored hospital. It will also be used around the world on future missions and will help change many lives.

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