Medical Team Welcomed Back to Nepal

IMG 2345 150x150 Medical Team Welcomed Back to NepalThe 2013 Nepal Medical Mission embarked on September 19th. For some volunteers on this team, led by Dr. Paula Dhanda, this is a return trip to Nepal while for others, it is a first mission trip to Nepal and for some a first as a medical missionary. But for all, the trip holds high anticipation of the expected and the unexpected, the known and the unknown.

Profiles of the volunteers traveling on this mission:

Paula R. Dhanda, M.D. Lakeport, CA – Team Leader
As a Gynecologist OB GYN, Paula Dhanda is known for her service to the women of Lake County for over 20 years and, for half as many years, her activities in the international community promoting women’s health. Dr. Dhanda has led several medical missions in the past 10 years. She has received numerous awards for alleviating suffering and promoting wellness, including the 2013 Medical Red Cross Hero Award, the 2012 Marla Ruzicka Humanitarian of the Year Award, as well as the 2010 Adventist Health Physician of the Year Mission Award. It was stated at the 2012 Stars of Lake County Ceremony that she is truly an angel of mercy who spreads love and caring wherever she goes.. Her passion to save the lives of the mothers and babies in Nepal is evident in leading this – a second – mission to Nepal. ” It is my privilege to be able to care for women both locally and internationally.”

Lynn Arnold, Practicing Midwife, Pitkin, Colorado
Lynn is a licensed midwife, practicing in women’s health since 1975. She founded and operated a free standing birth center from 1985 – 2011 serving more than 13,000 Hispanic women. She also wrote and taught a state approved midwifery educational program to 800 plus students from around the world. Lynn feels she has a “unique ability to teach at a simplistic level” – grasp the complex and translate so everyone can understand – she has volunteered to go, help, learn and “pass on my knowledge [gained from this experience] to others.”

Margaret Jennifer Burns, RN (retired), Lone Tree, Colorado
Jennifer’s experience for the past 25 years has been as an OB GYN nurse. “I have wanted to work on a medical mission and now that I have retired, this is the perfect time.”

Nathan DeHart, Student of Photography, Lakeport, CA
Nathan has traveled as a student photographer to South East Asia and India in the recent past. Nathan volunteered for this mission because “I want to provide inspiring professional photography for WHH to use [in the future] for promotion and education.”

Lonn Marie Hlusko, Registered Ultrasound Technician, Littleton, Colorado
Lonnie founded the organization Hands for Humanity in 2000 to educate nurses and hospital staff in the outlying remote rural settings of such as Nepal on healthcare and the use of ultrasound as a tool to early-on discovery of problem pregnancies. Since its founding, Lonnie has traveled on several medical missions assisting WHH, this being her second mission trip to Nepal.”I am dedicated to women’s healthcare in the developing world.”

Flora Shepherd Krasnovsky, Epidemiologist, Kelseyville, CA
Flora’s skills are in research, counseling, training, data gathering and analysis; and volunteered “to gather information [on this mission for] training.”

Nathan Powers, Student, Lakeport, CA
While just due to turn 18 years old this month, this is not Nathan’s first trip out if the US; he traveled to Ghana in the summer of 2011 working with children there. He has volunteered for this mission, not only to help but . . . “ to have an opportunity to learn about the medical field while giving to the less fortunate and learn about the world I live in.”

Nancy Jane Reynolds, M.D., Fort Bragg, CA
Nancy traveled to Nepal in the early 1980s and has volunteered to return with this mission as … “I love to travel and work with different cultures; providing surgical and medical care.”

Rafal Jan Wyszkowski, M.D., Colmar, Pennsylvania
Rafal is an anesthesiologist making his first medical mission; he loves his profession – “I love being a doctor,” and offers his skills at administering pain medication in that spirit.

“BRAVO” to all of these volunteers . . . and WHH wants to takes this opportunity to thank all who have generously contributed to make this mission possible.

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