Meet our New Summer Intern

Meghan e1407993877917 150x150 Meet our New Summer Intern

Carol LVN teaching Meghan

My name is Meghan McCurry and I have had the great privilege of being the new intern at Dr. Dhanda’s Specialty Care and Surgery Center. I am currently a Biochemistry major at Sonoma State University. I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember. When I was young, most girls my age dreamed of

being princesses and I dreamed of being a doctor. So, I was very excited to be granted this amazing opportunity to work as an intern under Dr. Dhanda and her staff.

I expected to gain insight into the medical field and healthcare system, and as an intern I have gained all that and so much more. As an intern, I have not only been an observer, but have had hands-on experience taking blood pressure, blood sugar, and testing specimen samples. My most memorable experience so far has been observing the surgeries. The staff was concerned that I would be queasy during the surgeries and possibly even faint, instead, I stood mesmerized by all that I witnessed during the operations. I have found the operating room to be an exciting and fascinating place.

To be able to watch Dr. Dhanda interact with patients and perform surgeries has been an inspiring experience. I am so impressed with Dr. Dhanda’s ability to be so caring and informative with the patients she treats. In fact, when I came home after my first day of interning with Dr. Dhanda, I told my parents that I want to be a doctor like Dr. Dhanda. During my time so far as an intern, I have already gained so much knowledge about the medical field especially regarding women’s health.

I have also gained insight about women’s health in developing nations by learning more about the work she does through her non-profit organization Worldwide Healing Hands. Working under Dr. Dhanda has provided me with insight into our own healthcare system, as well as the need of healthcare in other countries. My experience as her intern has cemented my decision to pursue a career as a medical doctor and possible surgeon, and I am excited about how much more I know I will learn from Dr. Dhanda and her staff.

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