“Slow Ideas” by Atul Gawande

Atul Gawande 150x150 Slow Ideas by Atul GawandeAtul Gawande’s recent piece “Slow Ideas” in the New Yorker has generated much buzz, and deservedly so. Dr. Gawande analyzes the differing speeds at which innovations spread, and concludes that technology alone is often not enough to solve complex social and medical problems. Instead, as he concludes, “people talking to people is still how the world’s standards change.”

Introducing any new solution is ultimately a process of social change. As Gawande observes, history has repeatedly taught us that in embracing a new idea, ”people follow the lead of other people they know and trust when they decide whether to take it up. Every change requires effort, and the decision to make that effort is a social process…human interaction is the key force in overcoming resistance and speeding change.”



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