Acne Advice For Summer

acnefree Acne Advice For SummerSummer is a perfect time to take charge of your acne!  This is the season when acne naturally tends to get better so make a plan to use this summer to get clear, acne free skin.  Blackheads and clogged pores also tend to get better.  The reasons for this are probably that people tend to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, exercise more and spend more time outside.

Let the summer and the most effective acne products work together to get control of your pimples.  Acne, like many medical problems is easier to manage if you use preventative measures rather than trying to treat when the condition when is out of control.  Prevention and early treatment also prevent acne scarring.

So make a plan and stick to it.  Here are some useful suggestions.

Skin Care Routine:

  • Use an acne fighting toner containing Salicylic Acid and /or Glycolic Acid.  Salicylic Acid kills bacteria and treats inflammation and Glycolic Acid removes pore clogging dead skin cells.  Everyone loves my Therapeutic Acne Pads.  You can carry them with you anywhere.
  • Treat pimples by killing the germs that cause them with Benzoyl Peroxide.  My Therapeutic Acne Gel is a great choice.
  • Use an oil free sunblock everyday, rain or shine!  Elite Protective Sunblock goes on nicely and will not cause acne breakouts.

I have designed 3 different acne kits to suit various needs. Dry Acne KitOily Acne Kit and a special Teen Acne Kit .  My acne kits are the most effective acne treatment that you can get without a prescription.  You can use the kit alone or with your prescriptions.

More Acne Fighting Tips:

  • Treat yourself to an acne or deep cleansing facial with extractions.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and stay away from high carb,  greasy  or junk food.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and minimize your alcohol and caffeine intake
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